Totem World V & VMAX Ultra Rare Guaranteed with 10 Rares, 10 Uncommon Foils, 40 Regular Cards, Totem Deck Box & Mini Binder Collectors Album in Storage Tin or Box


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  • 1 SWORD & SHIELD V & VMAX CARD GUARANTEED: Why gamble when you can guarantee yourself an Sword & Shield V and a VMax every time!
  • PLUS EVEN MORE GREAT CARDS: 10 Rare Cards, 10 Uncommon Foil Cards and 40 Common/Uncommon Cards
  • PLUS A PREMIUM TOTEM DECK BOX & MINI BINDER: Every bundle includes a limited edition Totem Deck Box and Mini Binder Collectors Album featuring from the iconic Poke Ball, Pikachu, Mewtwo, Mew, Charizard and more! (Design will vary). Each Holds up to 60 Cards
  • ALL INSIDE A STORAGE TIN / BOX: Store and organize all of your Cards and accessories. (Empty tin/box design will vary).
  • All cards are 100% AUTHENTIC and are pulled directly from booster packs, collection box, elite trainer, or collectors tin / box.
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